Guardians of Elderon

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Guardians of Elderon
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Chapter I: Alliance of Heroes
Home Base
Build a base of legend

Here, you have all the power. Construct resource collectors, special buildings, and mighty defenses to keep your Nexus safe. Strategy will go a long way in making you a force to be reckoned with in Elderon.
Towers and Traps
Power Cores
Expand your base by placing Towers and resource extractors around Power Cores.
Place Towers and traps at key locations to make attacking players sorry they crossed you.
Make your base a worthy home for your guardians with customizable decorations.
Unleash your creativity
Combine architectural elements and decorations to create one of a kind designs in your home base, from discrete refinements to complex creations, to impress friends and enemies alike.
Assemble teams of powerful guardians

Discover an ever-expanding roster of guardians, each with unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Explore them all, then create groups of five guardians to suit your personal playstyle.
Prove yourself in tense attacks and quests

Attack other players, defeat their guardians, and lay waste to their bases to get loot and Guardian Points.

Go on unique quests in the hunt for resources and treasures, and discover special locations like the Grand Forge, the Artefact Merchant, and the Shrine of Enlightenment.
Capture Power Cores
Equip spells and items
Gear up for battle by creating the ultimate combo of guardians, spells, and items.
Take over the Power Cores of other players and hijack their resource production.
Earn Guardian Points
Revel in your competitive spirit and climb the ranks by earning Guardian Points.
Enlist your friends to join the fight

Connect with old friends or make new ones. Band together to share strategies, achievements, and items.

Create your own guild and have your collaboration be rewarded when you participate in the Guild Vault, the public item-sharing space.
Recruit a friend

Invite your friends to the game and earn awesome rewards. All you have to do is use the Recruit button when adding them to your friend list.

Find out more on the in-game Settings screen.
GoE Guide

From building to crafting to occupying Power Cores, the GoE Guide has you covered with all the tips you need to get started in Elderon.

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Open a support ticket

The best way to get support is to submit a ticket directly from the game. Just head over to the Settings screen, and scroll down to Help & Support.

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